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Others Before Self   Otros Antes De Uno Mismo   先人后己

Texas is a strong economic force in the world and its top three countries of export are Mexico, Canada, and China. China has become the second largest economy, and now, more than ever, it is critical that future generations are prepared for today’s internationally connected world.  At ILTexas, education is taught from a global perspective, where all students are given the opportunity to learn the English, Spanish, and Chinese languages, and graduate with the necessary tools for future leadership and success in the international world.

Chinese New Year 2015
TX Road Scholars Trip 2015 - The Alamo

Character and Leadership Development:

At ILTexas, leadership and culture is incorporated in the classroom for all students. Students are given leadership roles teaching the concept of others before self. Each year, students put their dedication into action in a community service project and spend time learning about 12 important character traits that foster a good leader. These traits empower students to overcome challenges and create a better, and more productive society in which to live and work.


Elementary Graduation Ceremony at ILTexas Garland K-8
ILTexas Arlington K-8