Men & Women of Historically Black Colleges & Universities

Skills in Equity Education and Discipline (SEED)

Interview with Ms. Opal Lee, a founder of Juneteenth!

ILTexas Equity mission

The mission of the ILTexas Equity Department is to ensure opportunities and practices that influence proactive change are implemented in the areas of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for ILTexas students, staff and parents. 

Intercultural Committee

The purpose of the Intercultural Committee is to create more culturally aware and culturally responsive campus communities through programming, advocacy and supportive resources. The committee will also promote institutional policies that foster the growth and acceptance of diversity, equity and inclusion on our ILTexas campuses. The campus committee will organize and sponsor multicultural and multilingual programs and other activities that educate the ILTexas community about the nature of the diverse and changing world. These activities are not limited to just representing our Spanish and Chinese speaking countries and communities