Xavier Zurita


Xavier Zurita grew up in the Garland, Texas area and graduated from ILTexas Garland High School in 2020. He is now living and attending school in Seoul, South Korea.  In the video, Xavier discusses the benefits that ILTexas afforded him.  We are so very proud of Xavier and how he continues to grow as a global citizen.

Alumni - Kinnereth Din

ILTexas Garland High School Alumni  Kinnereth Din becomes the first ILTexas student to be admitted to Harvard University.

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Here are some of your fellow Alumni and their experience at ILTexas.

Kiscada Hastings - Yale University, Xuantong Liu - Boston University, Sunhao Wu - Renssselaer Polytechnic Institute, Jiaming Huang - New York University, Muheng Wang - Brandeis University and Chloe Broadwell - Mount Holyoke College.