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As a graduate of ILTexas, you have become an important member of a growing family. We value that you chose to start your education with ILTexas and our hope is that you continue to share your successes with us throughout your academic career and beyond. As you journey through each phase of your life, the ILTexas Alumni Association is here to support you at each step.

Our goal for the ILTexas Alumni Association is to help all of our Alumni stay connected, stay informed, and stay supported!

You are a VIE (Very Important Eagle) and you will always be welcomed at ILTexas with open arms.

"Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle".



2024 Graduating Senior Alumni REgistration: 

Wherever you soar, you can find other Eagles in your new city, on your university campus, and keep up with your fellow classmates! Help us keep up to date on your successes, and let us celebrate with you!

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THE ANNUAL Alumni Survey is Out! 

From class of 2016 to class of 2023, we want to hear from all our alumni! 
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