Alumni in the Military

ILTexas honors the sacrifice of our students who have chosen a military career. We are proud that you have absorbed the ILTexas motto and have decided to live by serving ‘others before self.’


All of our staff and faculty personally feels invested in seeing students achieve their academic and career goals at ILTexas. We understand when delaying plans for college and other opportunities you may need a familiar resource to lean on when returning home from service. 

We have made the commitment to always keep our doors open for each of our students returning from military service. Whether you are transitioning from the military to college or a trade school we are your helping hand when making those educational choices.

We are extremely thankful for you and your families sacrifice while serving our country.

ILTexas District Office

1651 N Glenville Dr. #216, Richardson, TX 75081

Phone: 972-479-9078

Fax: 972.479.9129

Board Members

President:  Gen. Williams 

Vice-President:  Dr. Lynne Beach 

Secretary: Tracy Cox 

Board Member: Dr. Soner Tarim

Board Member: Peter A. Gudmundsson

Board Member: Chris Moreland

Non Discriminatory Statement:



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