Certification Information

For questions regarding certifications or permits, please email Certification@ILTexas.org

Resources for Principals

  • View the Certification Guide for answers to your Certification questions.

  • Administrators can view educator certifications in TEAL or SBEC using the following links:

    • TEAL: https://pryor.tea.state.tx.us/TSP/TEASecurePortal/Access/LogonServlet

      • Log into TEAL

      • Once in TEAL select International Leadership of Texas (ILTexas) under ECOS for Entities.

      • Once in ECOS for Entities select Educator Information, then Educator Search.

      • Enter the Social Security Number or TEA Test ID to locate the educator you are searching.

      • Choose Certifications from the list of tabs to view all current and expired certifications and permits for the educator.

      • Choose Examinations to view all certification examinations educators have attempted.

    • SBEC: https://secure.sbec.state.tx.us/SBECONLINE/virtcert.asp

      • *Please note that educator test data is confidential and should not be shared.


Certification Resources

  • You can find additional information and answers to several of your certification questions on the TEA (Texas Education Agency) website: www.tea.texas.gov or call (512) 936-8400.

How Do I Apply for my Educational Aide Certificate?


How Do I Update My TEAL Educator Information?

  • Log into TEAL

  • Choose Educator below Educator Certification Online System for Educators

  • Update your information as necessary

  • Choose Continue

If you are an Out-of-State/Out-of-Country applicant you will need to visit the TEA website and complete the Review of Credential process.

How Do I Renew My Certification:

  • Please review the step-by-step process to renew your standard certificate. You need a TEA Login (TEAL) account to access your educator account and renew your certificate.

  • Read the instructions and set up your TEAL account. Failure to follow the instructions will delay your renewal.

    • Log into TEAL.

    • Once in TEAL select Educator to log in to your Educator Certification Online System (ECOS) account.

    • Once in ECOS, select Applications, then Renew a Standard Certificate.

    • Follow the prompts to submit the online application and make your payment.

    • You are prompted if fingerprinting is required. We will not issue your certificate until fingerprinting is complete. If you have questions, contact the fingerprint department at 512-936-8400, option 3.

    • Once your certification has been renewed, please email a copy of the renewed certificate to Certification@ILTexas.org.


Alternative Certification (NOT REQUIRED)

Alternative Certification is a nontraditional route to certification that will let you teach while completing the requirements. Teachers who are going through an AC (alternative certification) program must meet that program's requirements. **Each program can differ somewhat in program requirements.

To access a list of approved programs please click here: http://secure.sbec.state.tx.us/SBECOnline/approvedprograms.asp?s=4&sid


International Leadership of Texas has partnered with Texas Teachers to provide Alternative Certification options to our Educators. Please visit their website using the link below and they will contact you within 24 hours. http://www.texasteachers.org/

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