Courier Request


  1. Type in the person who is requesting the delivery in the Requester field.

    • (e.g. Allison Barkman)

  2. Select from the Drop Down the location of where the couriers will pick up the items (e.g. Dog3). Press Next.

  3. From the dropdown, select the location you want the items to be delivered to, also known as the Receiving Location. Press Next.

  4. Enter the number of boxes/envelopes that need to be delivered.

  5. Type the first initial of the First Name, and the First initial of the Last Name, the number of the first box (1), and the initials for campus it is being delivered.

    • **Be sure to LABEL ALL BOXES in addition to completing this form** (e.g. AB1AK8)

  6. Complete the Attention To as the person who should be receiving the items after they are signed for. Press Next.

  7. Give a generic description of the items you are sending out. (e.g. Library Supplies)

  8. Provide a number of how many different items there are being delivered. (This is used to ensure that the person receiving the items did receive everything listed, like a packing slip.) Press Next.

  9. Describe the item(s) you are sending out for your receiver.

  10. Give the quantity of that item.

  11. Repeat as necessary, and press Submit.

    • **An email with the completed form will be sent to the email address logged in at the time of the form’s completion and will be sent from Please print 1 and attach it to one of the boxes**