We are closely monitoring the CDC and are in constant contact with local health and education officials. On this page, you will find the most up to date information, as well as helpful resources. As always, please reach out to your campus principal with any questions or, email ILTexas at

ILTexas Technology Helpdesk: Please see your student's Google Classroom or SeeSaw account for information on how to contact the ILTexas Technology Helpdesk.

Frequently asked questions/quick resources


  • June Letter to Families with P-EBT Application Link (English) (Spanish)





ILTexas Education Resources

Internet Resources

There are several companies offering free internet for 60 days. We will update the information on this page with new offers as they are received.

COVID-19 Resources





Mental health experts provide videos and educational resources to help families talk about COVID-19 and staying safe during the outbreak.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) - a national mental health advocacy organization, offers a variety of services for people with mental illness. This link to the NAMI webpage has information about its online support group, suicide prevention hotline, training and other treatment resources.

Mental Health and COVID-19 Information and Resources​:

Helping younger students understand the reason school is closed and why they have to stay home, wash their hands and keep their distance to stay safe from the Coronavirus can be a challenge. A video, titled “The Yucky Bug” by Julia Cook is a short video that explains the coronavirus from a child’s point of view.​

Parents looking for help to explain COVID-19 to students fourth grade and up can get tips from this YouTube video featuring a University of Chicago doctor talking about prevention, social distancing and how to prevent spreading the virus.​

A Brainpop animation explains the dangers of the Coronavirus, how viruses spread, social distancing and handwashing and how children can get good information and avoid anxiety.​


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