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Fine Arts Department Mission

The mission of the Fine Arts program is to foster appreciation of the arts in kindergarten through twelfth grade, provide performance and competition opportunities for all students, and offer rigorous curriculum preparing students for higher education. 

Fine Arts Department Objective

All students enrolled in a fine arts course will study a variety of artists and styles from around the world, have opportunities to lead their peers, utilize the English, Spanish, and Chinese languages through artistic works, and learn the skills of collaboration, perseverance, time management, responsibility and commitment to strengthen the mind, body and character.

Fine Arts Department Goals

1. The ILTexas Fine Arts Department will give quality instruction in each discipline.

a. Aligning vertically and horizontally district-wide

b. Teaching specific skills, techniques, and strategies

c. Adapting to better accommodate all students

d. Preparing students for higher educational success

e. Fostering leadership skills and abilities for professional endeavors

2. The ILTexas Fine Arts Department will be an integral part of the school curriculum, K-12.

a. Developing appreciation of the Fine Arts as a participant and audience member

b. Inspiring all students to give their highest effort in all endeavors

c. Stressing the importance of self-discipline and “Others Before Self”

d. Encouraging a positive, welcoming school climate

e. Seeking opportunities for international and cross-curricular learning

3. The ILTexas Fine Arts Department will represent the district in the local and global community by

    actualizing the mission.

a. Creating/Performing internationally focused works of art

b. Utilizing multiple languages and cultural representations

c. Seeking student-led leadership opportunities

d. Strengthening the mind through higher level thinking

e. Preparing the body through dedication to the craft

f. Developing character through collaboration, perseverance, and responsibility

ILTexas District Office

1820 N. Glenville Dr. #100 Richardson, TX 75081


Phone: 972-479-9078

Fax: 972.479.9129

Board Members

President:  Gen. Williams 

Vice-President:  Dr. Lynne Beach 

Secretary: Tracy Cox 

Board Member: Dr. Soner Tarim

Board Member: Peter A. Gudmundsson

Board Member: Chris Moreland

Non Discriminatory Statement:



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