Introducing ILTexas RCI

International Leadership of Texas is thrilled to announce the launch of ILTexas RCI, a remote learning option available to all transfer students in Texas! 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States and Texas, ILTexas believed that not educating children was not an option. In one-week, Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Laura Carrasco, and her team of educators transitioned the ILTexas exclusive trilingual leadership curriculum to a live, 100% remote school in five days. Students logged in on their first day back - from the safety of their homes - in uniform and ready to learn. Each day, students interacted with teachers and peers in real-time, just as they would if they were together in a physical building. All fitness, fine arts, Advanced Placement, and other extracurriculars continued as well.

ILTexas was one of three schools that received national recognition for their COVID-19 response from the United States Secretary of Education in a briefing at the White House in front of the Vice President and other key leaders in United States Education.

Thanks to the support of the Texas Education Agency, and Commissioner of Education Mike Morath, ILTexas is proud to now serve families across the entire state of Texas and to offer the high levels of educational support all Texas families need and deserve during this time of uncertainty and beyond.

ILTexas RCI gives Texas families the opportunity to prepare their students for exceptional leadership roles in the international community by emphasizing servant leadership, mastering the English, Spanish, and Chinese languages, and strengthening the mind, body, and character.

K-12 students enrolled in ILTexas RCI will participate in the exclusive trilingual leadership curriculum that ILTexas is known for. Classes will be conducted live, in real-time and students will have the chance to remotely engage with teachers and students from across the globe, while learning the leadership skills necessary for success. As part of a complete curriculum, students will also participate in fitness and fine arts classes. They will also be able to choose from a diverse selection of electives and extracurriculars.

Students in the ILTexas RCI High School will have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses, as well as take advantage of our partnership with Academic Success Program (ASP). ASP works with ILTexas to provide high school students and their families assistance with the college admissions process. Through this collaboration, ILTexas has graduates attending Yale, Stanford, and the University of Chicago, as well as other top ten universities.

ILTexas RCI K-8 will be led by Principal Angela Marcellus. Marcellus has been with ILTexas since 2013, where she was founding principal of the ILTexas Garland K-8 campus. For the past seven years, she has served as Executive Director of Student Services and Executive Director of the Office of Professional Responsibility.

ILTexas RCI High School will be led by Principal Nadia Ayala, who was with ILTexas from 2012-2016, during which time she was a founding member and founding principal of the ILTexas Garland High School campus, Director of Special Projects, and Deputy Chief Academic Officer. Ayala left in 2016 for the most important job in the world, being a mother to her newborn son.

Angela Marcellus.JPG

Angela Marcellus

K-8 Principal of ILTexas RCI

Interim Area Superintendent



Nadia Ayala

HS Principal of ILTexas RCI



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