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We are proud of our international initiatives as we advance our goal of achieving distinction in globalizing our young students. At ILTexas, we have a wide array of international programs for students, teachers, and staff.


We have an international private high school equipped with dormitories within our ILTexas Charter system - the International Leadership of Texas (ILTexas) Private High School Garland. Our objective is for our international students to earn a high quality American high school diploma and to prepare them to attend college in the United States. Our international students come from all over the world.


Our J1 visa certification allows us to bring qualified Spanish and Chinese teachers from Spain, Latin America, and China opportunity to teach at an ILTexas K-8 or high school campus. In addition, we will be looking at other international initiatives that will enhance the learning of ILTexas students. Please take time to review our global pages to learn more about us. We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us at our email addresses below.

Lizzy Leary


Executive Director of Development and International Relations

International Leadership of Texas

1820 N Glenville, Ste 100

Richardson, TX 75081

c. 901-496-8453

ILTexas Private High School accepts applications for Fall and Spring admissions.  We also accept applications year-round for F1 transfers from other SEVP-certified school in the United States.  For forms and deadlines to apply, please download our application.

Applications or other inquiries can be emailed to

The ILTexas Private High School application for

F1 International Students includes the following:

  • Application Fee - $100 (non-refundable), due at time of application

  • International Student Program Application form

  • Statement of Financial Evidence Form (This form must be signed by the student’s sponsor)

  • Certified Copy of Middle School or High School Transcript (translated into English) showing all coursework starting from 9th grade (required) or 8th grade (preferred)

  • Color Copy of Applicant’s Passport and Parent’s Passport (copy of identification page)

  • English Interview with Director of International Students (after application fee has been paid)

  • Bank Statement or Bank Letter from your sponsor with a minimum of $40,000 as an evidence of sufficient support for one academic year (must provide a recent bank statement issued within the last 3 months) *for Spring admissions, this minimum amount is $20,000 to cover the Spring semester

  • Immunization records (translated into English)


Learn More

For more information about our F1 International Student Program please visit


If you have questions about the application process or require additional assistance please contact


The International Leadership of Texas Charter School District has a vision for education unbound by borders.

In the 21st century the notion of global communication is more necessary than ever. Born from that vision is the unique relationship ILTexas crafted with several schools around the world. Partnering with schools in multiple countries, ILTexas seeks to redefine education. Our dream is for the free exchange of culture and ideas between youth from around the world.


International Leadership of Texas has developed close relationships with our sister schools to facilitate an exchange program of teachers and students. American students from Texas have opportunities to visit our sister schools and explore another culture and society in a cultural immersion program. These unique experiences provide an incredible learning opportunity for all students to expand their world and their minds.

ILTexas also hosts international students at the Garland High School, ensuring students better understand other cultures and build meaningful relationships.

With the goal of educating every three American students with one international student, we hope long-term relationships and friendships will form.

If you are interested in becoming a sister school with ILTexas,

please email


ILTexas China Road Scholars Trip

A Global Education Documentary


Mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan

ILTexas-China, as the predominate partner to ILTexas, maintains exclusivity for all educational operations in China.

Vietnam Area

Vietnam - Dr. Gigi Do

Dr. Gigi Do maintains exclusivity for student recruiting operations in Vietnam

Other Areas

ALTEK Education Group Corporation

Annie Wang


Athena Learning Center
Valinda Rungpiti


Athlos International Student Management Group
Ron Natinsky & Ting Whai Lee


Auburn International Group
Siyu Fan


Brightprep Education
Nancy Wang

China Education Network, Inc.

Liang Kong


CNZNET Inc. DBA Sino-USA Education & Culture Services

Charlie Zhang & Yuduo Zhu


Cong Ty Tnhh Giac Mo My (American Dream Co., LTD)
Anh Thu Thi Nguyen


Cultiva Solutions, LLC

James Gordan


Dallas Sunshine International Consulting LLC

Ru Jin & Wendy Zhao


David Z International Investment Management, LLC

Xiping Zhang


Dolly Pearl LLC, Vi Hoang

Vi Hoang


Elite Education LLC
Tiffany Ding


Fantex Company
Andrew Fan


First China Law

Sherry Lin


IEG International Education Group

Sandy Shan & Summit Wu


MDCT International LLC
Ning Liu


New Ocean Investment Joint Stock Company
Le Thi Lan


PDI Global Education

Henry Yiu

Rhythm Intensive, Ltd.

John Anthony Martinez


Riverside Christian Education for China

Hu Shih-Chen

Shanghai Institute of College Education, CN.

Junwei (John) Sun


Tan Dang Quang Tourist Overseas Study Corporation

Phi Nguyen


Thai An Company

My Le


To The Top International LLC

Zhang Li


Trans-Pacific Education Consulting LLC
Jingjing Zhang


US China International Business Network
Xiaodan Yang & Baojian Wu


Worldwide Educational Promotion Joint-Stock Company (WEPC)

Luong Thi Hong Thanh


YDS Education
Darwin Wu


Individual Recruiters

Ainhize Baranda Lopez

Bernardo José Delgado Mudarra

Carlos Bórquez Electorat

Catherine Victoria Sosa Gutierrez

Gordon Augusto Pimienta Kalmar

Ge Wei

Haohan Huang (Gavin)

Hong Qiu

Hugo Arturo Alcalde Samillán

Jing Han

Lin Yang

Linfeng Li (Michael)

Lorence Madyangove

Lyndell Dalrymple

Man Wang (Maggie)

Manuel Fernando Ponce

Maria Angela Vivero Castro

Martina Horton

Matias Oyarce Cortes

Mauro Morla

Mingxuan Zhang

Qingwen Zan (Simon)

Ramiro Villarreal

Shirley Yu

Siyu Li

Tomas A Boywitt

Tse Min Chang (Frank)

Weiting Liu (David)

Xiaoyan Wang

Xin Zhao

Xinrui Hou

Xuefei Jiang

Yan Xu

Yihui Yang (Blake)

Yuqi Hong (Jason)

Becoming A Representative

If you would like to become our representative, please contact Yan Jin: (if residing in Mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan); Dr. Gigi Do: (if residing in Vietnam) or (Other Areas)

ILTexas District Office

1820 N. Glenville Dr. #100 Richardson, TX 75081

Phone: 972-479-9078

Fax: 972.479.9129

Board Members

President:  Gen. Williams 

Vice-President:  Dr. Lynne Beach 

Secretary: Tracy Cox 

Board Member: Dr. Soner Tarim

Board Member: Peter A. Gudmundsson

Board Member: Chris Moreland

Non Discriminatory Statement:



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