In the spirit of celebrating our Graduating Class of 2024, here are some shining examples of ILTexas Eagles! Congratulations, seniors! 


Rachab Herrera, ILTexas Aggieland High School Senior

“Currently, I am the secretary for the senior cohort. I also do photography with the folk team which is the fine arts leadership team, which I serve as a captain with that crew. I’m also working with NHS and Student Council. And I help manage the softball team when we go and travel.”

“I think the leadership curriculum will help me because I’ve had experience leading groups with OBS projects and all of the self servant leadership we do within the group.” 

“Some of the most valuable classes I’ve had here are my AP courses and a lot of my biology classes because I do want to go and study STEM and do research in the future.”

“I want to go to school at Texas A&M and study biomedicine.”

“I think one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned at this school is that you should always take your chances where you can because you never know where they are going to get you.” 


Lorelai Niemeyer, ILTexas Aggieland High School Senior

"I do a lot of things on campus. I am the President of the Senior Class and I’m also President of the Student Council. I am a part of NHS, I think I’m the captain of the softball team.”

“Some classes that have benefited me have been, definitely my math classes, I really enjoy Calculus. And also, I took robotics classes and that led me to the engineering field which is what I want to study in college.”

“I think the leadership curriculum has helped with just my overall leadership skills. We do some presentations in there and it helps with your public speaking along with some of the other topics; the character traits help to build each of us as our own personal characters.” 

“Right now I’m in between two colleges, both amazing colleges. It’s either Texas A&M or Purdue in Indiana. 

“I want to be a fighter pilot in the Air Force.”

“Definitely take opportunities that are presented to you. Don’t say no because you’re scared. Take chances, because even if you’re nervous, in the end you won’t be nervous... It helps you grow as your own person when you take chances.”