In the spirit of celebrating our Graduating Class of 2024, here are some shining examples of ILTexas Eagles! Congratulations, seniors! 


Xaris Trigueros, ILTexas Garland High School Senior

“I’m involved in a lot of clubs, primarily I’m involved in JROTC, I’m the battalion commander. I’m involved in different clubs within the school like ASP Ambassadors, I’m in my own club that I created Creative Writing I’m the president. I’m also in honor society, so NHS, National Chinese Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, I’m also in Interact for service hours. Other than that I help out with whatever the school needs and I’m also a student ambassador.”

“This year I learned a lot about self-advocation. I’ve had to learn a lot about how to write about myself in a way that the colleges can see who I really am. As as well within JROTC I would have to advocate for myself to get up the ranks or to be able to be seen.”

“I’m going to Davidson College. I was a part of the Posse Program this year and was granted a full-tuition scholarship... I’m going to study psychology. After that, I am planning on going to grad school for my PhD.” 


Kashina Daceus, ILTexas Garland High School Senior 

“I do a little bit of everything. I’m in student council, I work with ASP, I also do some Junior World Affairs Council helping to set up for the international festival... I’m also Vice President of Chinese Honor Society... I’m in Computer Honor Society, I’m a part of JROTC, I do a lot of things in JROTC. I do marksmanship which is shooting, drill, and Cyber Patriot.”

“I think I’ve been successful at ILTexas because of the support system I have around me. A lot of my friends are interested in doing the same things that I do. So having that support system, it really drives me and motivates me to keep pushing forward.”

"DSAP (Distinguished Student Ambassador Program) was probably one of my most favorite memories from high school. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget it. It really changed my life. We were in Washington DC for an entire week, we got to speak with Ambassadors, former ambassadors, staff congressional people, and just hearing their stories and how they came to be, it was really inspiring because I’m also interested in being a politician.”

“I haven’t chosen a college yet… But I’m hoping to go to Stanford University. I just want to learn more about the government and foreign affairs so that I’ll be able to help my home country of Haiti to prosper and grow economically.”


Ashley Cole, ILTexas Garland High School Senior

"I’m the Co-President of Student Council. I’m also the President of the Junior World Affairs Club. I’m also involved in the honor societies. So the Chinese Honor Society, the Spanish one, the normal national honor society. I’m also head of the Women’s History Month Committee."

“I’ve always known that I wanted to travel the world and be interested in interacting with a variety of different individuals in my long-term career. But the DSAP trip really solidified my belief that I wanted to go into the foreign service.”

“After ILTexas, I’ve already committed, I’m going to Columbia University in New York so I’m very excited for that.”

“Branching myself out of my comfort zone has really made me turn into the person I am today. So I would say, just go out there, apply, try your best and you’ll succeed.”



Amaia Murphy, ILTexas Lancaster-DeSoto High School Senior 

“Going to ILTexas has really broadened my horizons. It’s given me an opportunity to learn things that I would not have learned otherwise at a traditional public school; like going to DC on the Distinguished Student Ambassador Trip really enabled me to see our country from a different perspective.”

“I feel like ILTexas has shaped me as a person to be a lot more understanding of others, and to guide others and lead others, but also be a follower myself.”

“When I leave ILTexas I will definitely continue to study Mandarin. Now that I’ve gotten the foundations of it, it makes me more confident to become fluent in it as an adult and use it maybe in the government sector or even the private sector.”

“When I go to college I want to study psychology, but then later on I want to go to law school and earn my JD.” 

“I’ve been accepted to Tulane University, University of Alabama, LSU, University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M.”

"Take a hold of every opportunity ILTexas can give you, because this stuff is life changing. It’s once-in-a-lifetime kinds of things; not just everyone gets to go to DC and walk inside the capitol and listen to staffers, not everyone gets that opportunity. So I would say take every opportunity that you can, and keep learning, and use that to your benefit.” 


Paul White, ILTexas Lancaster-DeSoto High School Senior 

“ILTexas has definitely made me a better leader and a better decision maker overall. I’ve been able to be more confident in my decision making; open my mind up to new things, new ideas, new cultures, and just understanding myself better and who I am as a person.” 

"After going through the Spanish curriculum here, I’ve definitely been able to be a much more proficient and efficient speaker… I plan on traveling to a lot of different countries. I definitely think that’s going to benefit me and help me to interact with people of new cultures and people with perspective different from my own.” 

“After ILTexas I plan on attending college. I plan on studying biology there.”

“I’ve applied to Davidson College in North Carolina, New Jersey Institute of Technology in New Jersey, Stephens Institute of Technology, Texas A&M, Deloitte College in Wisconsin, University of Pacific in Los Angeles.”

“Take advantage of all the opportunities that are provided here... I like the summer programs that are offered here because they allow students to go to things that they traditionally wouldn’t go to at a public school."


Gloria Coronado, ILTexas Lancaster-DeSoto Senior

“When I first came to ILTexas, I wasn’t really a talkative person, and now with the help of my teachers, I’ve learned to speak my mind more and put my opinion out there more.”

“I’ve really enjoyed the teachers here. I think they are really great with the one-on-one teaching and it’s really helped me and has really impacted my class and my grades.”

“The languages really help me communicate with other people out of ILTexas, I’ve learned a lot more about cultures and other cities, I’m really glad to be learning Chinese because I want to travel to China when I’m older.”

“I want to attend a four-year college and then go into the police force.”

“I’ve applied to St. Mary’s, I’ve applied to Albion, Haverford... UNT.”

“I want to explore the world, and I want to, as a police officer, I want to go all over the world and fight crime.”


Donovan Hall, ILTexas Lancaster-DeSoto Senior

“I’ve learned a lot from ILTexas and it’s been a good journey.”

“I went from having Cs and Bs to all As... Sports motivated me to stay on top of my grades.” 

“I’ve learned a lot since I was younger, I’ve matured.”

"I've applied to University of Kentucky, Houston, Prairieview.”

“I want to study business. I want to be an entrepreneur, having my own business in technology... ILTexas prepared me by teaching me what will happen in the real world and helping me learn about the business world.”

“Have a goal. Have a goal for yourself, so that you can set yourself up for the future.”