In the spirit of celebrating our Graduating Class of 2024, here are some shining examples of ILTexas Eagles! Congratulations, seniors! 


Sophia Lozano, ILTexas Katy-Westpark High School Senior 

"How this school has shaped me I believe, as a freshman I was super shy I never really talked to anyone, and I just wasn’t really outgoing as a person. But I feel like through the opportunities this school has given me, like leadership classes, and meeting new people… I feel the environment at this school is very friendly. And it really just helped me grow in character.” 

“I feel like learning Spanish and Chinese, I feel like it opens more doors in the future to get more jobs and careers. And if I do continue to study the language, it’ll be a lot easier given all the previous experience I’ve had learning.”

“The most memorable thing for me is being able to start my own club. I was given the opportunity to establish the craft club at our school. And I think that was really beneficial for me because not only did it give me an opportunity to be a leader in that setting, but also just to explore my interests and let other people have the opportunity to learn and explore new things. It just created a whole new community at our school that I feel very proud to have established.” 

“I want to go to Roger Williams University in Rhode Island and they have a very good architecture program.” 

“My advice for rising seniors is to not worry! Because our school has so many resources, like the Academic Success Program. The school will always help guide them toward in taking the right steps in applying to these colleges and will have the right resources.” 


Nathania Kwik, ILTexas Katy-Westpark High School Senior 

"ILTexas has shaped me through the opportunities I’ve been through... the people I’ve met through those opportunities. For example, throughout middle school I participated in the spelling bee, I was able to do a solo contest in band. And in high school I was able to travel through the Washington DC DSAP program.” 

“The leadership curriculum at ILTexas has given me opportunities to grow. Whenever I first began at ILTexas I was really shy and so being thrown out there, being forced to step out of my comfort zone by speaking at leadership speaker series or performing on stage. Those instances and opportunities have helped me come out of my shell and become more comfortable talking to people and becoming more of a leader.”

“I’ve applied to about 11 colleges, including UT Austin, Notre Dame and Georgetown University.”

“My plan right now is to go into the business analytic field. So most of my colleges I am going to be majoring in data analytics or business analytics. Also, because of the Distinguished Student Ambassadors Program that we took earlier this year, I’ve been really interested in international relations. So I am planning on minoring in that or double major(ing) to utilize the languages that I have.” 


Heaven Davenport, ILTexas Katy-Westpark High School Senior

"I would say ILTexas has shaped me to become a better person because of the many opportunities they have provided me. And through the opportunities I’ve learned a lot of things are happening in the world and things I would have never been exposed to.”

“Something that I’ve learned from ILTexas that will benefit me in the future are the many language opportunities here. Not only are we learning Spanish and Chinese, but we are also learning about the cultures that are associated with these two languages. For example, we have many festivals like the Lunar New Year Festival and Hispanic Heritage Month where we can celebrate these festivals that we’re learning. And as someone who wants to become a medical professional, learning about the cultures is going to benefit me really greatly to see different people. I’ll be able to respect their culture and not become ignorant to what’s happening around me.” 

“My most memorable experience at ILTexas is becoming the Hosted Treasurer. Not only was it memorable, it was something I never saw myself doing. I didn’t think I’d want to have a speech in front of other people and advocate for why I should have a position in a club, but I am forever grateful that I did.” 

“So far I’ve applied to 11 colleges. Some of the Texas colleges include Trinity University, Rice, Texas A&M, but I’ve applied to a few out of state colleges such as Carlton, Johns Hopkins.”

“I want to focus more in the healthcare industry. So for my major I’m applying for schools for neuroscience, biomedical science or just natural sciences majors.”

“For rising seniors, my advice is to have fun, don’t stress too much, but make sure to utilize all the opportunities ILTexas gives you.”