GARLAND, TX-ILTexas Garland High School, and Garland K-8 welcomed LtGen Brian D. Beaudreault to their campuses Thursday afternoon where he was given a student-led tour of each school and met with faculty along with Founder and Superintendent Eddie Conger to learn more about the ILTexas mission. 

LtGen Brian D. Beaudreault meeting student tour guides at ILTexas Garland K-8.

Lt.Gen Beaudreault observing Mandarin class at ILTexas Garland K-8.

LtGen Beaudreault learning about the ILTexas mentorship program on a student-led tour of ILTexas Garland High School. 

Beaudreault, a retired United States Marine Corps lieutenant general, served over 38 years in the military, receiving some of its highest honors including the Distinguished Service Medal and a Legion of Merit award. 

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