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For Immediate Release

January 8, 2016

Contact: Jim Croswell

International Leadership

Of Texas


ILTexas Charter School Races to Fill Language Demand

This week the International Leadership of Texas (ILTexas) officially began its series of six groundbreaking ceremonies to open new campuses to serve students in greater Dallas/Ft Worth, and Western Houston. Currently serving over 5,000 students in the Dallas area with 6,000 more students on waiting lists, this month’s six ground breaking ceremonies, including 2 new Houston campuses, will provide over 8,000 new seats making ILTexas one of the fastest growing Charter schools in the United States.

A major topic of discussion in education is the general lack of foreign languages being taught in the classroom when compared to other developed countries. 1 Million Strong is a sweeping new initiative announced by President Barack Obama to expand to 1 million the number of US students studying Mandarin by 2020. Currently, there are about 14,000 students in Texas studying Mandarin. Because of ILTexas’ expansions, at the start of this next school year, the number will be close to 20,000. ILTexas will make up half of that total.

ILTexas is a college preparatory free public charter school (k -12) which requires each student to

Learn all three languages and to exemplify their servant leadership motto of “Others Before Self”.

The ILTexas mission statement reads, “To prepare students for exceptional Leadership roles in the international community by emphasizing servant leadership; mastering English, Spanish, and Chinese; and strengthening the mind, body and character” This approach has generated much attention in the Texas education community, and has begun to attract attention with the parents in the Dallas and Houston areas.

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Jim Croswell, Communications Coordinator or by phone at 972.685.4990

Katie Sauce, Director of Marketing and Development or by phone at 972.479.9078 Ext. 1002