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For Immediate Release, March 30, 2016

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International Leadership of Texas – Global,

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ILTexas - Global to Open 3 Private International Schools in China

International Leadership of Texas - Global Signs Agreement to Open in 2016

DALLAS, TEXAS – International Leadership of Texas - Global, a separate but supporting non-profit for the ILTexas Charter School District, will be the first U.S. school system to open three private international campuses in China this September in the cities of Guangzhou, Suzhou, and Harbin. Using the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills curriculum (TEKS), the students will be taught the same college-preparatory curriculum as their peers in Texas. By using the Texas curriculum, ILTexas has created an opportunity for their Texas students to travel and study in China during the school year for six weeks or more without falling behind or deviating from their required Texas academics. Additionally, by creating this opportunity for the Texas students to study in China, it supports the ILTexas mission, “To prepare students for exceptional leadership roles in the international community by emphasizing servant leadership; mastering English, Spanish, and Chinese; and strengthening the mind, body and character.”

ILTexas currently has 5,000 students studying in Texas and expected enrollment of over 10,000 in August 2016 at campuses throughout the DFW metroplex and at two new campuses outside Houston and Katy, Texas. ILTexas is the fastest growing charter school system in the country as parents recognize and respond to the importance of their children mastering English, Spanish and Chinese. President Obama, in a recent visit with the Chinese President Xi, called for there to be 1,000,000 American K-12 students studying Chinese by 2020. ILTexas will be a strategic partner in reaching that goal. President Obama’s call is consistent with former President Bush’s National Security Language Initiative which recognizes that Chinese is a critically important language for Americans to know in government, military, business, and non-government organizations as well. Students graduating from ILTexas Charter School district will be well equipped to take on leadership roles in any of those organizations in the future.

The ILTexas schools in China are supervised by ILTexas - Global and 100% funded by Chinese investors and tuition paid by Chinese parents.

The partnership between ILTexas - Global and the three schools in China are recognized and supported by the United States Embassy in Beijing and the U.S. Consulates’ in Guangzhou and Wuhan. The signing ceremony in Wuhan, China was witnessed by Ms. Sarah Kemp, Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, and members of the Texas delegation included Texas State Senator Royce West and former Commissioner of Education, Mr. Michael Williams.

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