Ani Avetisyan

International Leadership of Texas hosted 2 events today to raise funds for Autism awareness organization, Autism Speaks.

The first event took place at the ILTexas Keller K-8 campus. The assembly was hosted by the SPED department and featured Mr. Michael Tucker of the Region 11 Instructional Services Division. He spoke to the students about how Autistic people are not any different than you and me. The assembly ended with a special visit from Superman - Fort Worth Police Department’s Officer Damon Cole, nationally famous for visiting sick children dressed as their favorite costume hero! After Superman finished addressing the students, he let them check out his Superman-mobile, a customized Dodge Charger.

The second event took place at ILTexas Keller HS. 10th grade students planned the First Annual Autism Walk to raise funds for Autism Speaks. Every year, each grade level at ILTexas brainstorms, plans, and executes a community service project. After debating ideas, the 10 th grade class chose to go blue and to do what they could to educate friends, family, and neighbors about this serious neurological condition. The whole school participated. It was inspired by Ms. Julia Rose, a sophomore at ILTexas Keller High. People mistreating friends with autism strikes close to Ms. Rose’s heart as she has a young nephew with autism whom she has grown close with. She believes individuals like her nephew should not be treated differently, but treasured instead. The students walked around the park path behind the school. For each lap completed, a small donation was made by parents, community members, and local businesses.

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