GARLAND, T.X.- ILTexas hit a major milestone in their near decade-long history Wednesday afternoon. During a visit from Tarleton University President Dr. James Hurley, the charter signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the university to guarantee automatic admission to all ILTexas students in the top 25% of their graduating class. In addition, all ILTexas high schools would receive additional financial scholarships for students who choose to enroll at Tarleton upon graduation. Application fees will also be waived.

Hurley’s visit marked the first time a president of a four-year university toured the ILTexas Garland High School campus. During his visit, Hurley spoke with high school students to learn more about ILTexas’ mission, and met with founder and CEO Eddie Conger. 

Tarleton University President Dr. James Hurley on ILTexas Garland HS Tour

Located in Stephenville, TX, Tarleton University has established over 75 partnerships with other Texas high schools in recent years, with ILTexas being the latest addition to their list. The goal of the partnership is to ensure that “some of the brightest students in Texas can have a high-quality university experience,” according to Hurley in a quote displayed on the university’s website. 

Aside from the Tarleton partnership, ILTexas is one of many schools that partner with the Academic Success Program (ASP), a Texas nonprofit that promotes college-preparatory learning for students. The partnership enables students to receive proper guidance on their post-secondary aspirations, with a focus on low-income and marginalized students. 

(L-R) ILTexas Founder and Superintendent Eddie Conger, Tarleton President Dr. James Hurley with ILTexas Garland HS students, and Deputy Superintendent Laura Carrasco

For ILTexas Founder and Superintendent Eddie Conger, the partnership with Tarleton serves as a great opportunity for the ILTexas charter as a whole. “This is such an incredible opportunity for all of our ILTexas students and all of our high schools!”

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