February 6th-10th is National School Counseling Week and ILTexas is giving a spotlight to all of our wonderful counselors who help make a difference in the lives of our students. See why our ILTexas counselors love their job!

Sharla Sanders-Keller-Saginaw HS: Longest Serving ILTexas Counselor
“Working at ILTexas allows me to get to know students and families better because we are smaller (and more like family) than the districts around us.  My graduating class in high school was larger than the entire population of KSHS!  Plus, since I have been around for so long, I have seen the evolution of ILTexas and have gotten to know some amazing people and have learned so much in and out of my field.”


Wesley Thomas-Lancaster K-8
“The school counseling profession chose me because it seemed like the logical next step.  As a teacher, I never felt like I was working because I was doing what I loved: helping students one class at a time.  As a counselor, I can make even more connections with whole grade levels at a time that will hopefully help them see the good in themselves and allow them to spread that good to others throughout their communities...and I still don't feel like I'm working!”


Sonya Cruz-Saginaw K-8 Lead Counselor
“I chose school counseling as my career because I know that students need a support staff member in schools. As adults, we have learned to compartmentalize work and home life, but our youth are still learning how. When they are going through something in their life, it affects their academics and it affects them socially. I want to be a support to our youth and help them navigate through this time period in their life in order for them to be productive adults in the future.”
Millie Mackie
Millie Mackie-ILTexas Katy K-8
“Since I was 12, I knew that I wanted to work with people, teaching, helping, molding minds, and being a part of a solution to people’s problems and needs."
Cathey Conger
Cathey Conger-Garland K-8
“My undergraduate is in Psychology from University of Maryland and I was always interested in cognitive psychology and brain health.  My master's is in counseling and additional hours in play therapy and psychodrama led me to fit right in as a school counselor. I see the child/student holistically: family, school, health, genetics, birth issues, and lived experiences. I work with all the areas to help the student.” 
Nicci Staggs
Nicci Staggs-Arlington-Grand Prairie High School (Counselor of the Year DFW 22-23)
“My favorite part of working for ILTexas is the relationships I’ve made with students and families, and I have the best counseling partner I could ever ask for! I’ve been in education for 19 years.  Although I loved being a teacher, my goal was always to become a counselor.  My passion is helping young people, and as a counselor, I am able to give the mental, emotional, and social support that my students need.”
Valerie Deleon Guerrero
Valerie Deleon Guerrero-Quitano: Katy K-8 Middle School-(Newest ILTexas Counselor)
“I wanted to be a school counselor because I have a passion for helping those in need and I enjoy collaborating with other professionals to provide excellent services to students.”
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