GARLAND, TX–Kinnereth Din can add a few firsts to her resume. The daughter of Pakistani immigrants, she will be the first person in her family to go to college. She will also be the first student from the International Leadership of Texas public charter to be admitted to Harvard University. 

The ILTexas Garland High School senior didn’t initially plan to apply to the university, but after her parents’ encouragement, she took a leap of faith and completed the application.

“My parents didn't doubt for a second that I would get into Harvard,” Din said. “Up until the last minute, they were the ones rooting for me [and] were so confident that I would get in.”

Din had already received an Ivy acceptance from Cornell University prior to her Harvard admission, however, on March 31, when thousands of Ivy hopefuls anxiously waited to see if they had gotten into their dream schools, she decided to open her Harvard letter last. Although already content with Cornell, for Din, the Harvard acceptance was a surprise.

“I just remember when I opened it, I was in shock,” she said. “I could not believe it. Even a day later, I was so overwhelmed and having trouble processing everything.” 

In addition to her Harvard acceptance, Din will be receiving a full ride scholarship from the university, plus a stipend for her living expenses.

“I feel so blessed that I’m able to have this opportunity without having the burden of finding ways to pay for college,” she said. 

She plans to double major in neuroscience and English literature with the ultimate goal of becoming a researcher in the cognitive science field as well as a published author. 

Din, who has been a student with ILTexas since her freshman year, stated she is thankful to her ILTexas Academic Success Program advisor, Sara Morgan, for guiding her through the college admissions process.

“Not only did she assist in all the technical aspects of applying to college, whether that be editing essays or navigating financial aid . . . she was really a pillar of support during a very complex and at times confusing process,” Din said. “She really guided me through the stressful times [and] she’s been such a big part of this opportunity.”

Overall, Din is grateful to her parents for their support.

“It was my parents who really pushed me and believed in me, and I really owe this acceptance to them,” she said. “I can't thank them enough.”

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