WASHINGTON, D.C. - 30 top-of-their-class International Leadership of Texas (ILTexas) seniors with a demonstrated interest in Diplomacy and International Relations are spending a week in Washington, D.C. September 10 - September 17, 2023, where they are receiving unprecedented access to some of our nation's top leaders and decision-makers.

The ILTexas Distinguished Student Ambassadors Program (DSAP) soars above educational tourism; it’s an opportunity for students to gain a first-hand understanding of how U.S. foreign policy is crafted, and executed, daily. Students will engage one-on-one with ambassadors and diplomats to witness how the unique ILTexas education can directly lead them to career paths in the U.S. government.

This trip has already been featured in publications like The Hill - Click here to read the article

DSAP is a culmination of the ILTexas mission: to prepare students for exceptional leadership roles in the international community by emphasizing servant leadership, mastering the English, Spanish, and Chinese languages, and strengthening the mind, body, and character. The U.S. Department of Defense declares Chinese as both a Critical Language and a National Security Language. ILTexas students represent 45
nationalities and every student is taught Mandarin Chinese through the ILTexas curriculum.

Keep track of their journey below!  


Day 5 

Naval Academy Visit

Day 3

Day 2

Day 1