RICHARDSON, Texas–ILTexas wants students to get their year off to a right start: improving their physical health. 

The charter is introducing a new wellness campaign titled ‘A Healthier Me,’ to help students achieve their health and wellness goals. These goals will be achieved through nutrition knowledge and understanding of various workout techniques which will be implemented into the ILTexas fitness curriculum. 

Students in first through 12th grade will have Individual Wellness Assessments (IWA), based on three data points: a body mass index test, Eagle Fitness Challenge, and social-emotional checks using the Rhithm app.

“With the rise of childhood obesity and mental health issues in our young people, we’ve felt called to do more for our students and their families,” said Victor Cathey, Executive Director of Athletics and Wellness at ILTexas.

“The objective of this campaign is to inform, educate and assist our students in living their best life, and we have done that by creating a well-rounded curriculum that encompasses healthy lifestyle habits and physical fitness to extend beyond the traditional "P.E." classroom.”

Visit our ILTexas Athletics website to learn more.