Ani Avetisyan

"...Preparing students for exceptional leadership roles in the international community by emphasizing servant leadership...” that’s the mission that continues to ring true at International Leadership of Texas (ILTexas). This past weekend, ILTexas hosted approximately 90 students and their families as Princeton University visited our Garland High School (GHS) campus to discuss academics, admission requirements, student culture and traditions.

Admission Officer Danielle Holman of Princeton University shares with students the everyday life they can expect at the university.

“At Princeton, we take an in-depth look into all of our applicants,” shared Danielle Holman, admission officer at Princeton University. “It’s not only important to have the grades, but we enjoy learning about applicant’s interest and extracurricular activities. We want to visualize who you are as a person, learn about what you’ve done in your community and how you’ll be able to contribute to Princeton beyond your academics.”

With our mission, “Others Before Self”, coupled with a college preparatory and trilingual curriculum, ILTexas continues to raise the bar on why so many (like you) choose ILTexas to fill their children’s academic needs. Our annual servant leadership requirements, college fairs and other events further support our mission and why we find the importance in strengthening our students’ mind, body and character for ILTexas and beyond.

“I’m glad to have attended today’s program because it now helps me prepare for the next steps in the college application process,” says ILTexas GHS Senior and international student Alice Wu of Chengdu, China. “Princeton is one of the tops schools in the nation and one of my dream schools. It was exciting to have them on campus this year.”

ILTexas students and Assistant Principal of Garland High School, stand with Danielle Holman after visit on September 10.

And the buck doesn’t stop with Princeton University, ILTexas continues its college visit series for the remainder of September including a college fair this Saturday, Sept. 17 that will have representatives from the following: Emory University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Southern California, Dartmouth College, Kalamazoo, Texas A&M University and many more.

“The college visits provide further insight into other schools that may not have been on my radar initially. I was thinking about Webster University, but after attending Princeton’s visit, I have more insight on the student culture and am interested in exploring additional opportunities,” said ILTexas GHS Senior and Garland resident Marco Padron.

This past June, ILTexas commemorated 58 graduates that were all accepted into higher educational institutions and received more than a quarter million dollars in scholarships. That number is expected to almost triple, as ILTexas GHS anticipates 120 graduates in May 2017.