ARLINGTON, Texas – October 5th is World Teacher’s Day, an internationally recognized event celebrated annually to honor those in the field of education and shed light on those making a difference in the lives of their students. 

Established in 1994 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the day marks the 1966 anniversary of the International Labor Union and UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. 

For Horacio Matos, an ILTexas Arlington K8 Dual-Language Spanish teacher, being a teacher gives him the opportunity to demonstrate leadership to his students.

“When you come to a classroom, you're not just teaching these kids A-B-C,” he said. “It all starts when you come in the door and you say the magic word, ‘Buenos Días.’ By saying that, they're already practicing being a good citizen.”

ILTexas Arlington K-8 teacher Horacio Matos teaching his kindergarten class in Spanish. 

For Beatriz Najera, a 1st grade dual language Spanish teacher at ILTexas Arlington K-8, being a teacher is a passion. 

“I am very passionate about what I do, about my work,” she said in Spanish. “I get up early, always thinking about [my students], how I am going to be able to help them, how I am going to help my SPED students so that they can take the best out of themselves.”

While teaching can be a fulfilling job for some, Matos acknowledges that the role is not easy. 

“If you're looking to gain fame and glory, then this is not for you,” he said. “But if you're looking for passion, and you're looking for a better future, then this is what we do. And this is why we do it.”

ILTexas Arlington K-8 teacher Beatriz Najera going over a lesson in Spanish to her 1st grade students. 

For Najera, there is a sense of gratification that comes with being an educator.

“As teachers, we may think that it is a lot and there are many things that we have to focus on, but at the end of the year, you find that satisfaction of seeing the children who have grown [academically],” she said. 

“That is the satisfaction that you carry in your heart.”

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