Online Pre-pay

Online Prepayments:  Online Prepayments: You may prepay in person by cash or check at your student’s school. You may also pay via debit card, credit card, or electronic check using our online pre-payment system, MySchoolBucks.


Note: When paying online, it may take up to 24 hours for the money to appear in the student’s account at the campus level.


Student Meal Charging Policy:In the event that a student loses their money or runs out of money on their account, we will allow STUDENTS to charge up to $7.00. Charges will be taken out of any future payments and unpaid charges will carry over each year. Student Nutrition is extending this credit with the full intent that all charges will be paid. Once a student reaches the limit, no more charging will be allowed and students without money will be given up to two complimentary alternate meals consisting of a fruit, a vegetable and a milk. It is our goal for no child to go without a meal; however, we cannot feed children indefinitely without money.



Remaining Balances:Any balance remaining on students account will be available for use the following year and balances will transfer with the student if they change schools. If a student moves out of the district or at the end of the year any money remaining on a students account can be refunded. Parents should complete a refund form available from the cafeteria manager. This request will be processed and a check for the remaining balance will be mailed to the requestor. This may take up to 10 business days.



Purchases/Transaction History:If a parent wishes to have a detailed report of their student’s purchases and transaction history, this may be obtained on our online pre-payment system, Parents will need to register for an account to view these reports but do not have to use the site to make payments if they do not wish to do so. Once an account has been set up, parents should add their students to their account using the student’s ID number, school, and name. Account balances and cafeteria meal history will both be available under the Meal Accounts tab.



Restricting an Account:If a parent wishes to restrict the purchase of a la carte items, they can request that the debit account be used for only meals, and this should be communicated to the Student Nutrition Office by completing the Limit Account Request under the Online Forms section.