Open Records

NOTE: An Open Record or Public Information Act request is not to be used for obtaining any student’s records. Student records are kept in confidence pursuant to federal law (FERPA) and must be requested from the ILTexas campus that the student most recently attended.

How to submit your Request - If this is your first time submitting a request, please read the procedures below before submission.

To request information from International Leadership of Texas, please contact

By E-mail:

E-mail your request to

By Fax:

Fax your request to 972.479.9129, to the attention of the Open Records Coordinator, Catherine Barrera.

By Mail or in person:
Mail or deliver your request in person to International Leadership of Texas – 2021 Lakeside Boulevard, Richardson, TX 75082.
Persons who deliver a request in person must follow the school’s sign-in procedures for school visitors. 

Public Information Act