ILTexas Remote Conferencing Request 

What is Remote Conferencing? 

Remote conferencing is a temporary online learning solution available to students who have tested positive for COVID-19, have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual, or who have a temporary medical condition (see additional details below.)

Remote Conferencing is NOT virtual learning and does not provide students with the complete ILTexas curriculum. Remote Conferencing will take place, Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. During these hours, students will complete assignments sent from their classroom teacher, and a facilitator will be present to assist students with their work. Students in grades K-8 will receive assignments focused on Math and Reading and students in grades 9-12 will receive assignments focused on the four core courses: Math, English, Science, Social Studies. 


Finally, Remote Conferencing is temporary and is only available to students for a 10 day period. Students can be authorized to receive an additional 10 days of Remote Conferencing if they meet the qualifying conditions listed below. 


Qualifying Conditions


To qualify for Remote Conferencing, your student must fall into one of the following categories:

• The student’s temporary medical condition is documented by a physician licensed to practice in the United States. The documentation must include a statement from the physician that the student is to remain confined to their home or to a hospital.

• The student has a positive test result for a communicable condition listed in 25 TAC §97.7.

• The student has been identified as having been in close contact with COVID-19.

How do I request Remote Conferencing?

To request Remote Conferencing for your student(s), please find the Remote Conferencing Request Form for your campus listed below and submit the form. If you have more than one student, please complete one form per student. 


Once your form has been submitted, you will be provided with the schedule and links. Please help us keep our cyber campuses safe and do not share Zoom links or schedules with others. 

Please reach out to your campus for additional questions. 

If you need IT help, please reach out to the ILTexas Technology Helpdesk.