2016 Chinese New Year Festival

ILTexas Proudly Presents Xin Nian Qing Zhu

International Leadership of Texas Charter Schools just finished its 2016 signature Chinese New Year

festivals across DFW. The first festival took place in Arlington on Saturday February 6th, while our other celebrations just wrapped up in Keller and Garland. We had a great time with Tai Chi Dance, Lion

Dancers, and performances from the ILTexas students, some who have been practicing Mandarin now

for three years.

This year is the Year of the Monkey! The monkey is the 9th animal in the zodiac circle. Each year is

joined with an element. The elements cycle similarly to the years. The elements are: Gold (Metal), Fire,

Earth, Water, and Wood. Because this is the year of the Fire Monkey, we can expect a full year of


ILTexas is a free public charter school that includes English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese as standard

curriculum. Language instruction is taught by native language teachers made possible through sister

school relationships in China and partnerships at the state and national level. Because of this

relationship, ILTexas proudly teaches and celebrates Chinese tradition and culture.

International Leadership of Texas (ILTexas) has a vision for education unbound by borders. To fulfill this need, ILTexas has a growing international student program, and provides American students an

opportunity to spend a month traveling to several cities across mainland China, and experiencing this

world they’ve been learning about in their classrooms.

Jim Croswell, Communications Coordinator

jcroswell@iltexas.org or by phone at 972.685.4990

Katie Sauce, Director of Marketing, Development

ksauce@iltexas.org or by phone at 972.479.9078 Ext.1002

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