Sister Schools

The International Leadership of Texas Charter School District has a vision for education unbound by borders.

In the 21st century the notion of global communication is more necessary than ever. Born from that vision is the unique relationship ILTexas crafted with several schools around the world. Partnering with schools in multiple countries, ILTexas seeks to redefine education. Our dream is for the free exchange of culture and ideas between youth from around the world.


International Leadership of Texas has developed close relationships with our sister schools to facilitate an exchange program of teachers and students. American students from Texas have opportunities to visit our sister schools and explore another culture and society in a cultural immersion program. These unique experiences provide an incredible learning opportunity for all students to expand their world and their minds.

ILTexas also hosts international students at the Garland High School, ensuring students better understand other cultures and build meaningful relationships.

With the goal of educating every three American students with one international student, we hope long-term relationships and friendships will form.

If you are interested in becoming a sister school with ILTexas,

please email

ILTexas China Road Scholars Trip

A Global Education Documentary