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Costa Rica Spring Break 2019 - DFW
Costa Rica Spring Break 2019 - Houston

All ILTexas High School students have the opportunity to participate in an EF Tours trip to an exciting, unique destination in the Spanish-speaking world.  In the past, students have traveled to Barcelona and Madrid during Spring Break.  This year’s world-travelers are heading off to experience Costa Rica, coast-to-coast! This journey will give students the chance to walk in the footsteps of history, experience art and culture as well as natural beauty, and practice their emerging language skills in Costa Rica for 9 adventure-filled days! 


To be eligible, students must be between 9th and 12th grade during Spring Break vacation (unless specific arrangements have been made with the tour leader) and will need to have a current passport that is valid through September 30th 2019 or later.  A visa may be required if the traveler is not a US citizen, and it is the responsibility of all travelers to get the proper travel documents.  Speaking Spanish is not a requirement of this trip; however, it is an incredible opportunity to practice your language skills (although it is not an immersion trip).  Enrollment and all payments are made directly to EF Tours through the trip website via the links below or by calling EF Tours at 800-665-5364:

Tour Code 2144661WY for DFW departures -

Tour Code 2144663AC for HOUSTON departures -

This trip will be the first ILTexas Latin America Trip.  In 2017 & 2018, students from all ILTexas High Schools traveled with us to Spain for their Spring Break.

The 2019 tour is a completely brand-new itinerary and will visit multiple different cities across the country of Costa Rica, including San José, Tortuguero, Guanacaste, and more!


Thank you for your interest in our educational travel opportunities, check back with us soon.


If you have any questions, please email:

For DFW departures - Ms. Rose at

For Houston departures - Mr. Richardson at

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Enrollment details, payment information, booking conditions, and more can be found via the

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The official EF Tours website with exact costs and what is included, itinerary, enrollment information, and pictures and videos can be found via the link on the right.