Special Populations


At International Leadership of Texas, students are our #1 priority. In addition to our district mission, we strive to ensure the physical health and safety of the children entrusted to us as well as the social, emotional, and academic well-being of every student who walks through our doors.


As such, Special Populations encompasses a wide reach- from highly trained counselors, licensed and certified clinic staff, engaging small group dyslexia facilitators, to ensuring protections for students with disabilities, and even encouraging and supporting parental involvement on every campus, we are dedicated to empowering students, family, and staff.


special Populations team


Special Education Director, Shannon Urbina

Shanon Urbina

Executive Director of Special Populations

972-479-9078 ext: 1005


Assistant Director of Special Education, Charles Hairgrove

Charles Hairgrove

Executive Assistant Director of Special Education

972-479-9078 ext: 1016


Adriana Soria02.jpg

Adriana Soria

Admin Assistant to

the Ex. Dir. of Special Populations



Sarah McCroan

Behavior Coordinator

972-479-9078 ext: 1003


Sarah McCroan.jpg
Barbara Townley-Cochran.jpg

Barbara Townley-Cochran

Special Education Academic Coordinator

972-479-9078 ext: 1036


Sharon J Trask.jpg

Sharon J Trask

Evaluation Coordinator

972.479.9078 ext: 1115


Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, Skylar Hurley

Skylar Hurley

Licensed Specialist in School Psychology



Quinisha Stinson.jpg

Quinisha Stinson

Special Education PEIMS Specialist

972-479-9078 ext: 1051


Dallas Area

20180419_093320 - Jacquelin Cephas.jpg

Jacquelin Cephas

Dallas Area Lead & Behavior Specialist


Helmut Handszer.jpg

Helmut Handszer

Behavior Specialist

Dallas Area

972-479-9078 ext: 1003


Sydney Jackson

Sydney Jackson

SPED Instructional Coach

Dallas Area


Tarrant Area

Amanda Thomas.jpg

Amanda Thomas

Tarrant County Lead & SPED Instructional Coach


Alyssa Johnson.jpg

Alyssa Johnson

SPED Instructional Coach

Tarrant County


Tresa Dillard (2).jpg

Tresa Dillard

SPED Instructional Coach

Tarrant Area


Tiffani Adcock.jpg

Tiffani Adcock

Behavior Specialist

Tarrant County


Houston Area

Travette Jones Area Director of Special

Travette Jones 

Houston Area Director of Special Education 


Christine Santarelli-Harris.jpg

Christine Santarelli-Harris

Behavior Specialist

Houston/College Station


Nickesha Barnes Allen.jpg

Nickesha Barnes-Allen

Behavior Specialist

Houston Area


Natasha Sidney.jpg

Natasha Sidney

SPED Instructional Coach

Houston Area




Chastity Holman

SPED Instructional Coach

Houston Area


Copy of ILT_Crest_Shield.png

Moninat Ashiru

SPED Instructional Coach

Houston Area


COVID-19 | Mental health


Mental health experts provide videos and educational resources to help families talk about COVID-19 and staying safe during the outbreak. 

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) - a national mental health advocacy organization, offers a variety of services for people with mental illness. This link to the NAMI web page has information about its online support group, suicide prevention hotline, training and other treatment resources.


Mental Health America - Mental Health and COVID-19 Information and Resources​


Vanderbilt Education

  • Review a parental guide on how to teach your children about expressing emotions. This highly researched and comprehensive article helps parents on how to tangibly show children how to identify, understand, and categorize their feelings and emotions, including steps, practice techniques, and solutions.

Anxiety and Stress Resources for Kids

  • Worry Wise Kids - Providing parents, educators, and mental health professionals with comprehensive, user-friendly information on the full range of anxiety disorders, along with the tools on how to identify symptoms, find effective treatments, and preventative measures to avoid letting anxiety take hold in a child's life.

  • CopingSkillsForKids.com - A therapist’s look into different ways to address anxiety and anxious moments with the use of effective coping skills, from breathing exercises to creating calming jars. Written alongside intuitive diagrams and images, these skills are designed comprehensively and intuitively.

  • AnxietyBC - This website is a leader in developing online, self-help, and evidence-based resources on anxiety and anxiety disorders. It shares helpful information on understanding anxiety, as well as resources and tools to help manage anxiety in your children. Videos, healthy tips, and a robust FAQ section are provided.

  • PsychCentral - Here are three activities by PsychCentral that guides parents and professionals in techniques they can use to help children with managing their anxiety. The techniques and games include blowing bubbles, “worry can,” and “calm-down box.”

  • Anxiety.org - Apps for Anxious Children  - A list comprised by the non-profit organization Anxiety.org meant on the downloadable applications parents can employ on tablets or cellphones for children dealing with anxiety. The list also details the description, cost and concepts for each game application.


Helping younger students understand the reason school is closed and why they have to stay home, wash their hands and keep their distance to stay safe from the Coronavirus can be a challenge. A video, titled “The Yucky Bug” by Julia Cook is a short video that explains the coronavirus from a child’s point of view.


Parents looking for help to explain COVID-19 to students fourth grade and up can get tips from this YouTube video featuring a University of Chicago doctor talking about prevention, social distancing and how to prevent spreading the virus.


A Brainpop animation explains the dangers of the Coronavirus, how viruses spread, social distancing and handwashing and how children can get good information and avoid anxiety.

Vanderbilt Education

  • Review a parental guide on how to teach your children about expressing emotions. This highly researched and comprehensive article helps parents on how to tangibly show children how to identify, understand, and categorize their feelings and emotions, including steps, practice techniques, and solutions.

Moments a day

Our Counseling Team is the Best! To find out who your campus counselors are, please click on your school below to go directly to their site:



Nykesha White.jpg

Nykesha White

DFW Crisis Counselor





Saginaw K-8



College Station K-8


What is Bullying?

college and higher education

It’s never too early to plan for a bright future! We have a wealth of resources to help guide you in the right direction!

career planning


International Leadership of Texas employs an amazing team of Dyslexia Facilitators who strive to provide the very best reading support services for students with dyslexia. We use the S.P.I.R.E. method and multi-sensory materials to enhance student’s phonemic awareness and skills. If you have concerns and think your child may have dyslexia, speak first to your child’s teacher. He or she can provide greater insight into your child’s unique abilities and strengths. Your grade level counselor can also provide you with additional information regarding the process of evaluation.

To find your child’s counselor, please click on the campus location button above.


504/protecting students w/ disabilities

We believe that every child has a right to learn in the classroom, regardless of ability.

504 plan is a blueprint for how the school will provide supports and remove barriers for a student with a disability, so the student has equal access to the general education curriculum. Some kids with learning and attention issues don’t need special education or individualized instruction. But they might still need supports or services at school. Depending on their challenges, they may be able to get that help through a 504 plan.